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Not all Forex brokers are the same, get your skis ready...
Not all Forex brokers are the same, get your skis ready...

Obstacle course:

huge deal, avoid entirely
serious deal, avoid
warning sign, proceed with caution
bad business practice, keep in mind


No Client Agreement

No Client Agreement on the website, and no Client Agreement at any stage of account opening (before, during or after).
It won't be wise to begin with account registration without knowing what conditions you're signing up to

The Broker is not regulated

Non-regulated Forex brokers are able to offer more attractive trading conditions, due to no regulatory oversight. And since Forex Market has no centralized regulation as well, by entrusting their funds to non-regulated Forex brokers traders have zero protection against any business misconduct by such brokers

Registered but not regulated

The broker is legally registered, but not regulated (either due to absence of Forex regulation in its jurisdiction, or by own choice). Offshore companies are known to fall under this category

Inadequate Client Agreement

An "oversimplified" inadequate Client Agreement, missing key details about execution policies, client funds management, conflict of interest etc, and without references to other legal documents... puts under question broker's transparency

Registration/ regulation undisclosed

Broker's website does not contain any details (or documents) about company registration and/or regulation. Every legitimate business is registered at its domestic jurisdiction. For a Forex broker in particular, omitting details about registration & regulation entirely is a bad practice

🏆 FINISH LINE: Would you trust your money to a Bank that misses out on the points above?


Insufficient contact information

No meaningful contacts provided:

  • no physical address
  • no phone
  • no email
  • no live chat (optional)

Warning sign: only one contact option is insufficient for a business that handles clients' funds

No reply

No one replies to client support requests for over 3 business days.
Do they want your business?

Incompetent support

Client support seems completely incompetent about the topics/questions you ask.
Are they professional?

Ineffective support

Client support ignores your questions, won't answer directly or provides unrelated answers.
Are they hiding details?

Pushy support

Client support pushes for account opening & collecting your personal details from the very start.
Are they unable to earn your business without aggressive strategies?

🏆 FINISH LINE: If you can't get support before becoming a client, how would you deal with it once a client?


Zero reviews about Broker

There are no reviews about the Broker anywhere on the web - serious deal.
There could be 3 main reasons:

  • The broker is very new - exercise caution
  • The broker gets zero attention from traders & fewer clients - exercise caution
  • The broker forces webmasters to remove reviews - exercise extra caution

All 5 star reviews

Warning sign: there are some reviews, but all of them are 5 star reviews (likely not from real traders, rather affiliate reviews)

A lot of negative feedback

There is an overwhelming amount of negative feedback about the Broker on several (!) resources.
If all facts point to "-", you have to be a huge optimist to see "+"

Broker labeled as fraud

Several (!) websites labeled the company as "fraud" - huge deal.
Note: if only one website placed on a "fraud" label, do further research, but exercise caution nonetheless

Broker won't respond to reviews

The broker does not respond to reviews in attempt to clarify traders' claims (especially negative ones) - missed opportunity for a broker to promote own image & build traders' confidence.
Note: don't expect your broker reply to reviews on every website, pay most attention to largest websites.

🏆 FINISH LINE: If a business doesn't earn positive reviews, will your experience be positive?


Unclear Dealing Model

The broker hides details and/or misleads traders about its true dealing model (warning sign and bad business practice)

LPs unknown

The broker hides details about its liquidity providers (warning sign and bad business practice)

Vague Trading Conditions

The broker does not have clear description of all trading conditions, does not have a quality FAQ, and won't provide missing details upon request (warning sign and bad business practice)

Misleading promotions

The broker explicitly promotes huge earnings & wealth coming from Forex trading

🏆 FINISH LINE: Poor transparency at the start = Poor expectations going forward


Broker's website has "lorem ipsum" default code anywhere on the website

What could be worse than a website that's not been "proofread & checked" by the owner? It's also a sign of a brand new website/business

Broker's website has statements such as "Coming soon" for more than 48 hours

The business is likely not operational, paused indefinitely or closed. Move on

Broker's website doesn't open for more than 24 hours

Unless it's a rare event of a major outage affecting world's largest hubs, brokers with outage strategies must have a "stay-online" backup recovery plan. Check in 24hrs

website opens yet is "In maintenance" for more than 24 hours

High profile online businesses, such as Forex brokers, cannot allow maintenance messages. It suggests low professionalism. Ideally all maintenance should be performed on the background without clients noticing it

Website has many broken links with "404 Page not found" errors

Gives away poor maintenance & management. The owner has not visited a website in a long time and/or doesn't have a web maintenance team

Emails to the Broker (via contact form or direct email) return "undelivered/failed" errors

Unless it's a temporary hiccup, which could happen to every business once in while, inability to reach the company for over a week is rising red flags - they definitely don't check mails

Broker's website seems incomplete overall

The site lacks basic design, or lacks details about Forex accounts & trading conditions, etc. and leaves you wondering what is their business deal after all? Answer: they probably don't care.

🏆 FINISH LINE: Broker's website is their primary face & image for the entire online audience.
If a broker is unable to properly maintain own website, why expect them to maintain trading servers you'll be trading on?

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Thank you for the heads up & attentive reading!

Mary R

You may want to fix your typo in this stmt.
"🏆 FINISH LINE: Broker's website is their primary face & image for the entire online audience.
If a broker is unable to properly maintain own website, why expect them to maintain trading severs you'll be trading on?"

I think you mean "servers" and not "severs". You are missing the "r".

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