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JustForex profile

  • Website: http://justforex.com
  • Year founded: 2012
  • Headquarters: SVG
  • Dealing type: MM, DMA
  • Minimum deposit (MM account): $ 100
  • Minimum deposit (DMA account): $ 100
  • Minimum deposit (Micro account): $ 1
  • Full listing profile: JustForex broker profile

Is JustForex safe?

  • Investor protection: ...
  • Regulation: not regulated
  • Segregated account: yes
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: no

Is JustForex trusted?

  • Information transparency: high ★★★★★
  • Customer service: prompt, helpful ★★★★★
  • JustForex website: highly detailed, updated ★★★★★
  • JustForex popularity (by visitor count): top visited ★★★★★

How JustForex works

10.1 The Parties recognize the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as an execution venue for this Agreement.

4.6.6 The Client may place Trailing Stop level, the value of which may not be less than 15 points.

4.5.7 The Client may not place pending orders Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop as well as Take Profit and Stop Loss closer than the minimum amount of points from the current price. This value can be found in the trading terminal.

4.4.3 If a position is transferred on Wednesday night to Thursday, a swap is deducted/added in a triple size (for Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday)

4.1.9 If the expert advisor generates an excessive load on the server, the Company may not allow to use such advisor and/or prohibit the trade on the account where such expert advisor is used altogether. 4.1.1 These Regulations set out terms and conditions for the performance of trading operations by the Client and the procedures for processing and execution of Client’s orders by the Company on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.


All strategies allowed

Clients can use any strategy they wish including scalping without any limitations


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