⭐ UNLIMITED Scalping Allowed Forex Brokers

  • Unlimited scalping = scalping allowed without restrictions
  • Forex brokers that truly allow scalping would clearly mention it on their website. It's a huge selling point
  • Forex brokers who don't allow scalping clearly define it as "prohibited strategy" in their Client Agreement
  • And finally, brokers who would rather see no scalpers among their clients, but hesitate to say so, are the ones without clear scalping policies
Forex broker Min depositDeposit Scalping allowed Type Scalp
300 $yesSTPyes
1 $yesSTP, DMAyes
250 £yesSTPyes
50 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
100 $yesSTP, DMAyes
100 $yesMMyes
100000 $yesDMA, ECN pricingyes
1 $yesMM, STP, ECN marketingyes
100 $yesMM, STP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
200 $yesDMAyes
100 $yesMMyes
1 $yesSTP, DMAyes
200 $yesDMAyes
2000 $yesDMAyes
100 $yesMMyes
100 $yesSTPyes
1 $yesMM, DMAyes
100 $yesSTPyes
50000 $yesECNyes
200 $yesSTPyes
200 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
1 $yesSTP, ECN marketingyes
100 $yesMMyes
10 $yesSTPyes
5000 $yesSTPyes
100 $yesMM, DMA, ECN pricingyes
250 $yesMMyes
1 $yesMMyes
1 $yesMM, STPyes
20000 $yesMMyes
500 $yesDMAyes
2000 $yesMMyes
100 $yes, unlimitedMM, ECN pricingyes ∞
100 $yesMMyes
100 $yesMM, DMAyes
1000 $yesMM, STPyes
1 $yesMMyes
10000 €yesDMAyes
1 $yesMM, DMAyes
5 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
1 $yesMM, DMAyes
10 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
1 $yesMM, DMAyes
50 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
1 $yesMM, STPyes
50 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMAyes ∞
5 $yesMM, STPyes
100 $yesMMyes
100 $yesSTP, DMAyes
1 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
100 $yesSTP, DMAyes
100 $yesSTPyes
100 $yesSTP, ECN marketingyes
100 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
50 $yesMM, STP, DMAyes
1 $yesMM, STP, ECN pricingyes
200 $yesSTPyes
50 $yesSTPyes
10 $yes, unlimitedMM, STP, DMA, ECN pricingyes ∞
500 $yesSTPyes
500 $yesMMyes
100 $yesMM, STPyes
500 $yesMM, STP, ECN marketingyes
1 $yes, unlimitedMM, DMA, ECN pricingyes ∞
10 $yesMM, STP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
1000 €yes, unlimitedMM, DMAyes ∞
500 $yes, unlimitedMM, STP, ECN marketingyes ∞
100 $yesSTP, DMAyes
1 $yesMM, DMA, ECN marketingyes
200 $yesDMA, ECN pricingyes
200 $yesMMyes
10 $yesMM, STP, ECN pricingyes
1 $yesMM, ECN marketingyes
1 $yesSTPyes
50 $yesMM, STPyes
1 $yesDMA, ECN pricingyes
10 $yesSTP, ECN marketingyes
1 $yesDMAyes
200 $yes, unlimitedMM, DMAyes ∞
1 $yesMM, STPyes
500 $yesSTPyes
100 $yesMM, STP, ECN pricingyes
100 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
100 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
1 $yesMM, DMAyes
100 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes ∞
1 $yesMM, DMA, ECN marketingyes
100 $yesSTPyes
100 $yesMMyes
25 $yesSTP, ECN marketingyes
50 $yes, unlimitedMM, DMA, ECN marketingyes ∞
10000 $yesECNyes
100 $yesMM, DMAyes
20 $yesSTP, ECN marketingyes
50 $yesMM, DMAyes
300 $yesSTPyes
100 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
10 $yesMM, STP, DMAyes
10 $yes, unlimitedSTPyes ∞
3000 $yesMM, DMA, ECN pricingyes
100 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
19 $yesMMyes
200 $yes, unlimitedMM, STPyes ∞
10 $yes, unlimitedDMA, ECN marketingyes ∞
1 $yesSTPyes
200 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMAyes ∞
200 $yesSTPyes
5000 $yesDMA, ECN pricingyes
1 $yesSTP, ECN pricingyes
100 $yes, unlimitedSTP, ECN marketingyes ∞
50 $yesMMyes
100 $yesMMyes
50000 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECNyes ∞
10 $yesMM, DMA, ECN marketingyes
500 $yesSTP, DMAyes
50 $yesMM, DMAyes
2000 $yesMMyes
200 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
1 $yesSTPyes
100 €yesMMyes
1 $yesMM, STP, ECN pricingyes
500 $yesMM, STPyes
1 $yesMMyes
10 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes ∞
200 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes ∞
100 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMAyes ∞
200 $yesMM, DMAyes
50 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
10 $yesMM, STP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
100 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes
500 $yesSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes
1 $yesSTPyes
5 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes ∞
100 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes ∞
50000 $yesMM, STP, ECN pricingyes
1 $yes, unlimitedMM, DMA, ECN marketingyes ∞
500 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECN marketingyes ∞
25000 $yesECNyes
1000 $yesSTPyes
1 $yesSTPyes
100 $yesMMyes
5 $yes, unlimitedMMyes ∞
500 $yesMMyes
100 $yes, unlimitedSTP, DMA, ECN pricingyes ∞

Scalping allowed with Forex brokers:


Do you allow Scalping?
Yes, we do allow Scalping.

— AAAFx, https://aaafx.com/faq


Scalping, high frequency and news trading accepted.

— Abshire-Smith, http://www.abshire-smith.com/direct-market-access-dma/


Admiral Markets

No Restrictions
No stop distances or restrictions on trading styles or strategies

— Admiral Markets, https://admiralmarkets.com/products/forex


Is scalping permitted?
No restrictions on scalping. However, frequent scalping might cause server failure and we will charge you penalty in accordance with our Terms of Service and guidelines. Please refrain from extreme scalping trading.

— AtlasForex, https://www.atforex-markets.com/qa#account_qa


Both accounts have no restrictions on automated trading programs (Expert Advisor / cAlgo program), there is no regulation or limitation of built-scalping in either of them, which gives you the opportunity to participate freely in the world-wide market.

— Axiory, https://www.axiory.com/guides/types-of-trading-accounts/


Do you allow scalping?
Yes, we do.

— XM, https://www.xm.com/faq


Is Scalping and Hedging allowed?
We encourage scalping and hedging. Our spreads and trading conditions are the preferred choice of many day traders and scalpers globally. Scalping techniques less than two minutes are prohibited, all trades are required to be held at least two minutes or longer. Penalty may cause profits and rebates to be forfeited.

— CapproFx, https://www.capprofx.com/faq.php


SCALPING refers to a trading strategy that makes profits by opening and then closing the position "multiple times", "willfully", or "in enormous volume" within 180 seconds.

— CLMarkets, https://clmforex.com/wp-content/uploads/legal-documents/CLMarkets-Terms-Conditions.pdf


Does Eightcap allow ‘scalping’ and ‘hedging’?
Yes. We allow full scalping and hedging.

— Eightcap, https://www.eightcap.com/en/client-support/faqs/


FBS company offers the most convenient trading conditions with a possibility to use all trading strategies without any restrictions. You can use automated trading with the help of expert advisors (EAs), scalping (pipsing), hedging, etc.

— FBS, https://fbs.com/faq/218

FIBO Group

Do you allow scalping?
Yes, we allow scalping. We do not have any special policies or restrictions on scalping.

— FIBO Group, https://www.fibogroup.com/faq/forinvestors/do-you-allow-scalping/

Fidelis Capital Markets

Do you allow scalping?
Yes, we do allow scalping.

— Fidelis Capital Markets, https://www.fideliscm.com/about/faqs/trading-accounts-faqs/


No trading restrictions (including scalping, hedging, EAs and HFT)

— Forex.ee, https://www.forexee.com/en/ecnstp/


Yes, we allow scalping as well as any other trading strategies.

— ForexChief, https://www.forexchief.com/about/faq/

FP Markets

Do you allow scalping/hedging?
Yes, we allow both strategies.

— FP Market, https://www.fpmarkets.com/faq/trading/#el-10d67975


FXCM’s NDD forex execution offsets every trade one for one with our liquidity providers eliminating the hedging problems scalping creates for the typical retail dealing desk broker.

FXCM does offer a dealing desk option in which we act as the liquidity provider on our mini account offering, and scalping is not allowed on that particular setup. The account is intended for smaller account sizes allowing us to manage the risk. Traders wanting to scalp are able to do so on the standard account with NDD forex execution.

— FXCM, https://www.fxcm.com/uk/about-fxcm/execution-transparency/


we allow hedging, scalping and news trading, so you can choose a strategy that is most suitable and efficient for you

— FxNet, https://www.fxnet.com/en/about/about-our-company


All trading styles are allowed: scalping, news-trading, automated HFT, Expert Advisors – there are no limitations.

— FXOpen, https://www.fxopen.com/en/trading-accounts/ecn

GBE brokers

All trading styles are allowed with GBE brokers accounts!

— GBE brokers, https://gbebrokers.com/account/

Global Prime

No restrictions Scalper, HFT, news trader + EA friendly

— Global Prime, https://www.globalprime.com/

Hugo's Way

Do you allow hedging, scalping and news trading?
Yes you are free to hedge, scalp and trade during news events.

—Hugo's Way, https://help.hugosway.com/support/solutions/folders/48000575725/page/1

IC Markets

IC Markets cTrader platform has no restrictions on trading. We have some of the best trading conditions for scalping and high frequency trading globally, allowing traders to place orders between the spread as there is no minimum order distance and a freeze level of 0.

— IC Markets, https://www.icmarkets.com/au/en/trading-accounts/ctrader-raw

IFC Markets

Does IFC Markets allow scalping?
Yes, scalping is allowed.

— IFC Markets, https://www.ifcmarkets.com/en/faqs#does-ifc-markets-allow-scalping_702

Key To Markets

Scalping without restriction, news trading allowed.

— Key To Markets, https://keytomarkets.com/accounts-overview/


Scalping and news trading allowed

— LiteForex, https://www.liteforex.com/trading/account-types/ecn/


Scalping and high-frequency trading (HFT): Allowed and welcomed

— NBPFX, https://www.npbfx.com/en/trading/account_types/


Hedging, Scalping, EAs and all trading styles allowed and welcomed

— Orbex, https://www.orbex.com/en/free-vps

Range Markets

Do you allow scalping?
Yes, we do.

— Range Markets, https://rangeforex.com/faq/


FXTRADING facilitate your trades, not hinder them. We allow scalpers and EA’s (expert advisors) to trade in an unrestricted environment and offer excellent trading conditions for EA’s, Robots, Scalping and high frequency trading.

— FXTRADING, https://fxtrading.com/trading-platforms/metatrader-4/


Scalping, automated trading, news trading and arbitrage allowed The company allows using such trading strategies as scalping, automated EA trading, news trading, and arbitrage. Our clients enjoy complete freedom and convenience when trading, regardless of their strategies.

— Tifia, https://tifia.com/en/company/why-tifia


OspreyFX: Do you allow Hedging, Scalping and News Trading?
Yes you are free to hedge, scalp and trade during news events.

— OspreyFX, https://knowledge.ospreyfx.com/en/support/solutions/articles/44001880030-ospreyfx-do-you-allow-hedging-scalping-and-news-trading-

Titan FX

all strategies allowed, including scalping, hedging and EAs

— Titan FX, https://titanfx.com/trading/accounts


Whether you’re a scalper or day trader, use EAs or are a discretionary trader - we have you covered.

— TMGM, https://www.tmgm.com/en/trading-accounts


“Scalping" is a form of trading strategy through which the Client performs and/or tries to perform numerous transactions on small price changes (5 pips average or less within 24 hours trading period of time) or in very short timeframes (closing a trading position within 5 minutes of opening).

— TryMakets, http://www.trymarkets.com/pdf/terms-of-use.pdf

Turnkey Forex

Is Scalping and Hedging allowed? Yes, we are a hedging and scalping friendly broker.

— Turnkey Forex, https://turnkeyforex.com/faq


Expert Advisors, High Frequency Traders, Scalping and Robots.

— Valutrades, https://www.valutrades.com/


Prime conditions for Scalping

— VARIANSE, https://varianse.com/WhyUs-Advantages.html


Yadix is the ideal broker for EA traders, Scalpers and profitable traders, as our trading environment combines Straight Through Processing (no dealing desk) execution, with low trading costs and superior order execution.

— Yadix, https://www.yadix.com/about-us/ea-hedging-scalping/

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