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ATC Brokers Profile
Cayman Islands
CIMA Cayman Islands
Investor protection
Fund protection
Publicly traded
Restricted countries
Not serving
х US
Broker type
DMA, ECN pricing
Dealing book
Execution speed
100 ms
LPs total
LPs quality
Tier-1 Banks, Non-banks
LPs names
not disclosed

ATC Brokers Accounts
Minimum Deposit
2000 $
200 : 1
Minimum Lot
0.01 lots
EURUSD spread
0.3 pips
6 $/lotRT
500 lots
Margin Call
120 %
Stop Out
100 %
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Is ATC Brokers safe?

  • Investor protection: no
  • Regulation: CIMA Cayman Islands
  • Registration: no
  • Publicly traded: no
  • Segregated account: yes
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: no

Is ATC Brokers trusted?

  • Information transparency: high ★★★★★
  • Customer service: prompt, helpful ★★★★★
  • ATC Brokers website: highly detailed, updated ★★★★★
  • ATC Brokers popularity (by visitor count): low visits ★★

How ATC Brokers works

Agency Model: We do not act as a counter party to any of our client's trades.

ECN Aggregation: View our competitive pricing through our top tier banks and non-bank participants.

API Integration: Connect your software or strategy directly to the ECN aggregation engine.

Does the firm provide ECN pricing?

Yes, our market prices are derived from our aggregation engine that is integrated to top-tier banks and non-bank institutions.

Is the firm a market maker?

No, our firm is not a market maker. We do not have a dealing desk, we only provide Straight Through Processing (STP) order execution.


The following applies to private and professional clients. Subject to any specific instructions from a client, ATC may use one or more venues and basis of execution to enable it to obtain the best possible result on a consistent basis when executing an order on the client’s behalf.

All transactions you execute with ATC are synthetic derivative transactions. This means that you have no ownership interest whatsoever in any underlying instrument you are trading. Your rights are contractual only to receive any profit owed to you and your obligations are to pay any losses you incur as a result of your contractual relationship with ATC.

This type of contractual relationship is known as an “over-the-counter” or “OTC” contractual relationship which means that you have a private contractual with ATC only. The prices quoted to you reflect the prices which ATC receives from its liquidity counterparty and the underlying market liquidity providers. The prices are not quoted on any stock or derivatives exchange and therefore will be different from any other provider of equivalent derivative instruments.

Whilst ATC will provide best-execution for its client transactions, you have no guarantee that your quoted prices will be the best-available market prices at any time.

ALLOCATION OF TRANSACTIONS Client orders must be dealt with sequentially and in accordance with the timing of their reception by ATC. They must be accurately recorded and allocated. ATC and its employees must not misuse information relating to client orders. If one or more client orders are aggregated with a transaction for ATC’s own account, the trades must not be allocated in a manner detrimental to any client. If the aggregated order is only partially executed, the trades must be allocated to the clients in priority to ATC unless it can be demonstrated that the prices obtained was significantly improved because of the aggregation of ATC order with those of the client. Unfair precedence should not be given to ATC or to any particular client.

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