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FSC Mauritius, FCA UK, CySEC Cyprus, ESMA EU
Investor protection
Fund protection
Publicly traded
Restricted countries
Not serving
х Canada, Iran, Japan, North Korea, US
Broker type
Dealing book
Execution speed
LPs total
LPs quality
MTFs, Other
LPs names

ATFX Accounts
Minimum Deposit
1000 $
10000 $
400 : 1
400 : 1
Minimum Lot
0.01 lots
0.01 lots
EURUSD spread
1.8 pips
0 pips
0 $/lotRT
14 $/lotRT
30 lots
30 lots
Margin Call
Stop Out
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Is ATFX safe?

  • Investor protection: no
  • Regulation: FSC Mauritius, FCA UK, CySEC Cyprus, ESMA EU
  • Publicly traded: no
  • Segregated account: yes
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: no

Is ATFX trusted?

  • Information transparency: sufficient ★★★
  • Customer service: ...
  • ATFX website: highly detailed, updated ★★★★★
  • ATFX popularity (by visitor count): average ★★★

How ATFX works

You experience STP access when trading FX currency pairs via the MT4 platform and your ATFX account. This straight-through processing ensures latency is kept low. Your trades are cleanly routed directly to the market as soon as possible without any broker interference.

The Firm or any associate may benefit from commission, mark-ups, mark-downs or any other remuneration where it acts for the counterparty to a Transaction.

18.1 The prices quoted on the trading platform are independent of prices of other institutions.

17.1. The Firm, its associates or Associated Firms, may have an interest in relation to any Transaction affected, or advice provided by the Firm under the Terms.

6.1. In relation to any Transaction, the Firm will effect such Transaction as Principal.

9.6. When the Firm is dealing with the Client, it does so by either passing trades straight through to its liquidity providers, typically known as Straight Through Processing, or are matched up with other traders using the Firm's Electronic Communication Network (ECN). Both these methods of trading are preferred by many clients, as this execution model allows a firm to make a profit regardless of whether a client is profitable or not. This is due to the fact that the Firm under this set-up never takes the other side of the Client's trade and simply passes the risk onto its liquidity provider or trading using the Firm's ECN, which ensures that the interest of the Client and the Firm are aligned.

9.7. If the Firm offsets positions against other clients/brokers, the Firm reserves the right to do so at different prices.

1.3 The Company will deal with a client as matched principal broker. This Order Execution Policy applies when the Company executes orders from clients to trade in all the financial instruments offered by the Company, which includes, but is not restricted to, futures, options forward contracts, contracts for differences and any other derivative contracts relating to securities, currencies, commodities, interest rates or yields. Those trades will be immediately matched through a panel of carefully selected liquidity providers. The Company will not trade for any client except pursuant to a detailed, firm, client order to buy or sell, and the Company will not trade for its own account.

7.1 The Company recognises that conflicts may exist between the interests of the Company and its clients. The platform on which orders are transmitted will display the best available price from a number of liquidity providers and clients, thereby reducing the scope for conflicts. On occasion the client's order may be matched with an order from a party who is also a client of the Company.

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