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City Credit Capital Profile
Investor protection
Fund protection
UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
Publicly traded
Restricted countries
Not serving
х US
Broker type
Dealing book
Execution speed
0 ms
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City Credit Capital Accounts
Minimum Deposit
500 $
30 : 1
Minimum Lot
0.1 lots
EURUSD spread
3 pips
0 $/lotRT
1000 lots
Margin Call
100 %
Stop Out
50 %
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Is City Credit Capital safe?

  • Investor protection: UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS)
  • Regulation: FCA UK
  • Publicly traded: no
  • Segregated account: yes
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: yes

Is City Credit Capital trusted?

  • Information transparency: high ★★★★★
  • Customer service: prompt, helpful ★★★★★
  • City Credit Capital website: highly detailed, updated ★★★★★
  • City Credit Capital popularity (by visitor count): low visits ★★

How City Credit Capital works

As an FCA regulated and authorised firm, clients of CCC are automatically protected by The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Customers of City Credit Capital would be eligible to make a claim to the FSCS for compensation up to a maximum of £85,000 if the company ceases trading or becomes insolvent.

Order Execution Policy

Execution services

We will deal with you as principal and not as your agent. We will be the only “execution venue” where client orders are executed. When dealing with us, you transact directly with us and not on any exchange or other external market or venue.

Our price is calculated by reference to the market price of the relevant underlying instrument or the reference contract. We have access to several data sources to determine the market price for the underlying instrument or reference contract. For other types of instruments, such as rolling spot FX, we will derive our price from nominated wholesale market participants.

Having determined a market price, we may occasionally make adjustments to take into account various factors, including our fair value calculation between the reference contract and our spot (cash) contract; our own risk management procedures; business conducted by other clients; and price movements in other markets that are open when the reference contract is closed, to form the CCC mid, bid and offer market price. As a result of this methodology, the CCC mid, bid and offer market price may not be the same as the market price for the underlying instrument or reference contract but will be derived from those market prices.We will then either quote the CCC price and charge a commission or adjust the CCC price by our dealing spread to achieve the CCC quote.

Conflict of Interest Policy

Company and potential client conflicts •Where we act as the counterparty to a trade that is entered into with a client, we will have the opposite interest in the outcome of that trade.

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