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Grand Capital profile

  • Website: http://grandcapital.net
  • Year founded: 2006
  • Headquarters: SVG
  • Dealing type: MM, STP, ECN pricing
  • Minimum deposit (MM account): $ 100
  • Minimum deposit (STP account): $ 100
  • Minimum deposit (ECN account): $ 500
  • Minimum deposit (Micro account): $ 10
  • Full listing profile: Grand Capital broker profile

Is Grand Capital safe?

  • Investor protection: financialcommission.org
  • Regulation: not regulated
  • Segregated account: no
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: yes

Is Grand Capital trusted?

  • Information transparency: sufficient ★★★
  • Customer service: prompt, helpful ★★★★★
  • Grand Capital website: highly detailed, updated ★★★★★
  • Grand Capital popularity (by visitor count): average ★★★

How Grand Capital works

Advantages of ECN Prime

The best provider available is chosen for each trade

Placing orders within the spread

Stable high-quality execution with no requotes

AMTS technology protects traders from many risks

Implementation of high-frequency strategies

Execution in accordance with the current market prices

Depth of Market (DOM) makes trading even more transparent

Quotes from the leading market-makers Bank of America, Deutcshe Bank, BNP Paribas, Societe Generale etc.


7.6 The client unconditionally acknowledges that the quotations provided by the Company are the only correct for the Clients of the Company and no complaints about the discrepancy of the quotations of the Company with other sources are considered.

7.7 The Company has the right to revise any quotations provided for any period of time, and consider them non-market, if such quotes in the opinion of the Company fall under the criteria of "nonmarket quotations" as described in the actual Regulation, and to review the financial results of trading operations performed according to these quotes.

7.8 In the event of an unplanned interruption in the flow of quotations of the trading server caused by any hardware or software failure, the Company has the right to synchronize the database of quotations on the trading server with other sources, in order to restore the continuity of the history of quotations. In this case, the Company may, but is not obligated to review the financial results of the trading transactions of the Client committed during this period.

7.4 The Quotes of financial instruments, received by the Client via the client’s terminal when trading according to the «Market Execution» technology, are indicative and may not coincide with quotes that will be oered to him/her by the Company in response to the request.


2.16. The Company, its partners or any other affiliates may have financial benefit, legal relation or arrangement in regard to a particular Client’s operation.

2.17. The Client agrees and authorizes the Company to act towards the Client and for the Client without prior notice in a way the Company considers reasonable, regardless of potential conflict of interest or any existing financial interest concerning any operation made via the PO or the trading platform.


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