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Is Intertrader safe?

  • Investor protection: Gibraltar Investor Compensation Scheme
  • Regulation: FCS Gibraltar, FCA UK
  • Segregated account: yes
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: no

Is Intertrader trusted?

  • Information transparency: high ★★★★★
  • Customer service: ...
  • Intertrader website: highly detailed, updated ★★★★★
  • Intertrader popularity (by visitor count): low visits ★★

How Intertrader works


When you trade with Intertrader we never carry a market risk on your position, because we immediately mirror your trade in full in the underlying market. So we remain 100% market-neutral.


No Dealing Desk spread betting and CFDs

Market-neutral execution on equities, ECN/STP FX and more


Your trading positions are automatically offset and passed straight through to the underlying market. Any position you open is automatically traded in full in our liquidity pool so Intertrader never carries an exposure that could cause a conflict of interest.


How we execute your orders

Intertrader deals with you as principal (and not as agent) when executing your orders. We are therefore your only “execution venue”. In dealing with us, you transact directly with us and not on any exchange or other external market or venue.

We have entered into arrangements with different execution parties (liquidity providers) which allow us to create back to back transactions. The client is provided with indicative quotes from our liquidity providers. When a client sends an execution request, this request is transmitted immediately by us as an identical request to the designated liquidity provider (who has been determined on the basis of regular assessments of the quality of available execution data, to offer the best prices for the relevant underlying instrument traded).


3.4 When we execute an order on your behalf, we will act in accordance with our Order Execution Policy. A summary of our current Order Execution Policy is available online.

3.5 We will enter into all trades as principal and not as an agent for any other person. Unless otherwise agreed with us, you will also enter into all trades as principal and not as an agent for any other person.


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