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Is Larson and Holz safe?

  • Investor protection: no
  • Regulation: not regulated
  • Segregated account: no
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: yes

Is Larson and Holz trusted?

  • Information transparency: sufficient ★★★
  • Customer service: slow, helpful ★★★
  • Larson and Holz website: semi-detailed, updated ★★★
  • Larson and Holz popularity (by visitor count): low visits ★★

How Larson&Holz works

2.5 The Company provides the Client with already filtered price flow however current market prices at the trading terminal at any time may differ from the prices coming from other sources within the limits of 0,00 25 points of the basis from the “standard source”. Independent Informational Agency Esignal (www.esignal.com) is considered to be a standard source. If NDD service is used the pricing depends only on Company’s liquidity provider

2.7 The Company provides the Client with services for performing conversion-arbitral operations under margin trading terms. At that every Client’s order for buying or selling a financial instrument doesn’t mean that the Company performs the same operation at the equivalent volume at some market. The result (profit or expense) may develops at the Company on the principal of netting i.e. by reckoning mutual orders and liabilities for all transactions of the Clients. Uncompensated position of the Company may be transferred to exterior principal when needed.


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