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Is trade.Berry safe?

  • Investor protection: Investor Compensation Fund (ICF)
  • Regulation: CySEC Cyprus
  • Segregated account: yes
  • Guaranteed Stop Loss: no
  • Negative Balance Protection: yes

Is trade.Berry trusted?

  • Information transparency: high ★★★★★
  • Customer service: prompt, helpful ★★★★★
  • trade.Berry website: highly detailed, updated ★★★★★
  • trade.Berry popularity (by visitor count): low visits ★★

How trade.Berry works

The Company acts as an agent on the Client’s behalf. The Company does not execute the Client Order as a principal to principal against the Client, i.e. the Company is not the Execution Venue (as defined in Commission Directive 2006/73/EC implementing MiFID) for the execution of the Client’s CFD. Therefore, the Company transmits Client Orders or arranges for their execution with the third party liquidity providers it is collaborating with.

l) you will not enter into any Transaction for the purposes of arbitrage, Scalping or to exploit any temporal and/or minor inaccuracy in any rate or price offered on


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